Lance Armstrong Officially Stripped Of Tour De France Titles

Lance Armstrong has been officially stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles. We’re so sad things had to come to this! The US Anti-Doping Agency announced today that it had taken all of Lance’s record wins away from the cyclist. Lance is also banned from the sport for life. International Cycling Union president Pat McQuaid said, “Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling,” at a press conference in Geneva today.

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The UCI will meet again on Friday to decide if Lance will also have to give back the money he received from his wins from 1999-2005. They will also decide whether or not they will give Lance’s wins to the cyclist who came in second behind Lance each of the years he won.

To make matters worse for Lance, he has also been dropped by his corporate sponsors Anheuser-Busch and Nike.

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Photo Courtesy of: Men’s Journal