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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 6 Episode 3 Dirty Rotten Scandals

Here is what happened on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl:

Blair is perfecting her first Waldorf collection. All she is missing is a fabulous model to be the centerpiece of her show. Of course, she isn’t speaking to the most obvious IT girl. Blair puts aside her problems and begs Serena to help, but she says no. Only Serena could be so bitter. Blair is feeling dizzy from all of the stress and hard work of creating an entire collection in 10 days. It has finally gotten to her and the doctor puts her on bed rest until the day of the show. How will she ever finish in time?

Chuck is still on the hunt for more clues about Bart’s business in Dubai, but he takes out some time out to care for Blair while she is out of commission. He takes control at the fashion show to ensure that everything is perfect from the colours to the runway to the models. Chuck sure does know his way around a fashion show! The tension between them is hot and heartbreaking, when will they learn that they are better together than apart? Chuck leaves when he gets a tip about mystery man who might know the truth about his father. He offers the tough guy money hoping for some dirt on daddy.

Serena is having a tough time herself as a future step-mom thanks to angst-ridden Sage. Steven is concerned. He can’t chose his new girlfriend over his daughter. Serena is determined to make it work and wants to win over Sage. She thinks she can relate to her. Sage acts all sweet on the outside, but it’s clear she has something up her sleeve. She ditches Serena runs around New York eluding her. When Serena finally catches up to her, Sage has lied to Steven claiming that she will be walking in Blair’s fashion show. Since Serena has already blown off Blair, asking for a spot for Sage could be tricky. Sage says is she doesn’t get in, she will turn Steven against her. Serena has no choice but to goes to Blair begging. The pair make a deal and a momentary truce, but all is still not well. Something is obviously up with this sneaky teen. If she is anything like they were in high school something terrible could happen at the show. For Blair’s sake I hope it all goes well. Serena and Blair are so busy hating each other, they can’t see she is up to something. Serena starts acting up before the show even gets started threatening to trash Blair’s name in the press.

The fashion show begins and everything is sunny and colourful. When Sages hits the catwalk, she catwalk she strips down to her undergarments when she gets to the end. Steven and Serena storm out making a scene thinking that Blair put the teen up to this. Sage gives Blair a big smile and leaves her speechless as the crowd walks out. Even guest model Alexa Chung walks out on Blair. What did Blair ever do to Sage? Blair and Serena get into a showdown outside the venue and they realize that neither of them had anything to do with this. It doesn’t take these schemers long to realize they have been duped by a high schooler. Fortunately for Serena’s relationship, Steven sees right through his daughter’s lies too. They play nice for Steven but this feud isn’t over just yet. Serena and Sage still have to have it out.

Dan is staying with Nate while they prepare to publish his book. Nate gives him one last chance to make peace before he publishes the first chapter of the tell all. Dan says no and the first story goes live. It’s about Rufus of all people. Rufus is still getting hot with Ivy and they have just been outed in a very public way. They didn’t even know Dan knew about their relationship. Rufus wants to talk to Dan, but Ivy takes a more drastic approach. She wants him to sue Dan and Nate for libel. Dan and Rufus try talking, but just end up fighting. Dan tries to warn Rufus off. And it turns out Rufus wasn’t really going to sue. Ivy is behind these rumours. Ivy says she did it to protect him. She puts on a pretty good act.

While at the show, Nate gets word that Dan has sold his story to Vanity Fair. I smell Georgina! But it wasn’t! Dan jumped ship when he got offered a better deal. He completely blew off Nate and their friendship. By the end of this Dan is going to be left alone. His true colours are coming out. He is enjoying all of this attention from ladies including Nelly Yuki.

Things aren’t so great for Blair who is concerned about being the laughing stock of New York fashion. Chuck comes to the rescue with a bottle of champagne and a hug. Chuck has a new name to follow to get Bart and Blair is ready to help him now. They will be sticking together from now on to help each other to succeed. They curl up together ready to face a new day.

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