Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2012

From Anderson Cooper to Kim Kardashian, these celebrities have already figured out what they’re going to be for Halloween 2012, and we’ve got the photos to prove it! Halloween might be just over a week away, but all the big parties get started this weekend. If you need a little help thinking of an innovative costume idea, or you just need a good laugh this afternoon, check out these photos of the best celebrity Halloween 2012 costumes so far (along, of course, with our part 2 of the series!):

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Kris Jenner had a very embarrassing (or totally planned) – um – “wardrobe malfunction” on Twitter this week after she posted a photo of herself wearing her 2012 Halloween Costume: Wonder Woman.

Obviously, Kris Jenner was feeling the heat to post something hot after her daughter Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself in a cat costume on Twitter in early October. Leave it to the Kardashian to use Halloween as yet another excuse to wear very little!

Holly Madison got Halloween started a little early this year. The mother-to-be dressed up as Princess Aurora on October 9th for a trip to Disneyland. It must be her new Mommy instincts that have her in the mood for fairytales.

A couple weeks ago, we showed you this photo Fergie posted on Twitter asking her followers who she should be this year. We assumed she was insinuating that she was already planning on going as Lindsay Lohan. She looks so freakishly like Lindsay in this photo it scares us.

We told you a couple weeks ago that one of our favourite celebrity Halloween costumes of all time was when Anderson Cooper dressed up as Phil Donahue. It looks liek he’s going to out-do himself this year! The talk show host is possibly going as a member of the Blue Man Group. Amazing!

We’re suckers for matching costumes! Christina Milian and her daughter Violet both dressed up as monsters last week in preparation for Halloween 2012! They’re the most adorable, squeezable, so-cute-you-can’t-take-your-eyes-off-them monsters we’ve ever seen!

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