Interview: Dania Ramirez On How To Prepare For Your High School Reunion

It’s been 13 years since the teen comedy American Pie showed us just what it means to have a love affair with America’s most beloved dessert. On July 10, American Reunion, the highly anticipated fourth installation of the series featuring almost all of the original cast, including Stifler, Oz, Finch, Vicky and Jim, will be available on DVD. The gang gets back to the antics that made them famous for their “Class of 1999” high school reunion in East Great Falls, and they bring some newcomers along for the ride, including Finch’s new love interest, played by the beautiful Dania Ramirez. Ramirez portrays Selena, a former geek turned bombshell who finally gets her chance to turn heads for the right reasons, in American Reunion. Ramirez, who will be seen next opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Push, talked to about high school reunions, why they make us so anxious, and what’s in her beauty bag.

Q: Have you ever gone to one of your own high school reunions?
Dania Ramirez: Honestly, the moment I left high school, I kind of left for good because I went away to college and always had to work. Then I headed to LA right after my college graduation so I didn’t even find out when it happened. But, if I would’ve gone I would have liked to see my girls from the volleyball team. Great times…

Q: Why do you think we care so much about our high school reunions? Why is there so much on the line when it comes to what people from the past think about us now?

Dania Ramirez: I think we care so much about reunions in general because they are part of our past and it is always a warm feeling to reminisce. Plus, if you still get curious to check out what people ended up like after 10 years.

Q: What would your advice be to anyone going to his or her 10-year high school reunion?

Dania Ramirez: Have a couple of shots before you head in. Sorta like prom…

Q: Tell us a bit about your character. How does she shake things up for Finch at his reunion?

Dania Ramirez: Selena is the ugly duckling gone good. Because, she is not jaded or vengeful towards the people that might have taken her for granted. Instead, she finds an understanding now for that behaviour. She has a hot, cool, girl next door type of personality. Finch is in need of some understanding at this point in his life and even though he lies to her and everyone, she is forgiving and loving towards him. But at the same time she challenges him and kinda calls him out in a sweet way. They shared nerd-out moments back in high school, and in the reunion it’s no different.

Q: What was it like being part of a cast that had been reunited after so many years? Did it actually feel like a typical high school reunion for them?

Dania Ramirez: I was such a fan of the first American Pie, so it was really exciting to be part of this cast because it really felt like I got a pass to sit around this group of friends that were filming a reunion for their characters but were also experiencing a nostalgic reunion amongst each other. I loved it!

Photo Courtesy of: Universal Pictures

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