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True Blood Season 5 Premiere Recap

Tonight True Blood returned with Season 5 and we are ready to capture all of the action in Bon Temps. When we return the finale action is still taking place and we see Bill and Eric rushing to escape before the Authority arrives to capture them and deciding not running to Sookie’s rescue for once.

Instead Pam shows up at the house looking for Eric, but instead finding Lafayette and Sookie still cradling Tara’s lifeless body. Of all of the people to show up. They manage to convince the meanest vampiress on the show to try to save Tara by turning her. Oh no, Tara hates vampire worse than anything. Can you imagine her reaction when she wakes up next to Pam tomorrow night? This won’t be a happy reunion. Plus now Sookie will be indebted to Pam of all people. When Pam and Tara are safely buried underground together, Sookie and Lafayette clean up Debbie’s body and go to Lafayette’s to bury Jesus. Only when they get to the house his body has disappeared. Jesus did say everything was temporary. Could we see his return soon or has something more sinister happen? I hope his disappearance is a good thing because Lafayette can’t take any more! He has lost that spark we loved in him.

Eric and Bill are quickly caught at the mansion by the Authority who tie them up and take them in. They escape quickly with some ingenuity and help from Eric’s vampire “sister” Nora who works in the highest ranking of the authority. She promises to help them leave, but if she does they can never return to Bon Temps and Sookie. They agree without really thinking. She does seem to have helped Eric forget all about Sookie with their very warm reunion. Eric and Bill are moments from escaping with new identities, when the authority arrives guns blazing to take them in. Finally we get to see who this Authority really is after seasons of hearing about them.

Back in Bon Temps, Reverend Steve glamoured Jason into letting him in to his house. You may have expected him to attack Jason for everything that happened but instead, he admits his love for Jason. Jason actually turns him down very respectfully, but vampires have terrible tempers. Luckily Jessica turns up to rescue him. Jason may have thought that this meant they were an item, but Jessica still wants her freedom. Instead of staying, she hosts a college party in Bill’s big empty house. She’s still trying to act like a “regular” kid after all of her time. You would think she had accepted her fate by now. Despite her actions, Jason can’t seem to shake Jessica though. He’s not that good old frisky Jason Stackhouse any more. He’s been trying to change for many seasons, maybe this will be the time we see a new man in him.

When we return to Sam, he’s in big trouble. The werewolves know he and Alcide did something to Marcus, their pack leader. Sam isn’t willing turn in Alcide after all of his help. He risks himself to save Luna and Emma. He takes all of their beatings and torture. He leads them to Marcus and are ready to kill Sam when Alcide and Luna show up to protect him. Alcide admits it was him. Who knows what this means for the werewolves and the shifters this season.

Alcide is busy because he also goes to warn Sookie that Russell Edginton has escaped. So far, he has no idea about Debbie’s demise. Alcide wants to help Sookie, but she refuses to accept his help since she killed his girlfriend. Lafayette stops her from admitting what happened at the last second. When he can’t help Sookie, Alcide calls Eric warn him about who has risen from the grave. Now Eric and Bill have to be careful from every angle.

Also, we return to Terry Belfour who is clearly hiding something about his past from Arlene. Just like Rene warned. His old army buddy Patrick knows secrets about Terry that are sure to rise this season. Apparently a string of fires and bad accidents with their army squad either means that Terry has been up to no good or is in danger. Arlene can’t handle another bad husband, so for her sake we hope Terry is innocent!

In the end, after waiting all day, Sookie and Lafayette go to the grave to wait for Pam and Tara to rise. Pam rises from the dirt first without know if it has worked. She doesn’t know if she could save Tara after being shot in the head. They dig up Tara’s lifeless body in tears, but don’t you worry. At the last second Tara shoots out of the ground at Sookie. We knew it. But how is Tara going to react to her new form?

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