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Mad Men Episode 12 Recap- Lane Kills Himself

This mad men episode starts with Don Draper firing Lane Pryce after finding out that he stole from the company. Lane drinks too much and goes home just to find out that his wife bought a new jaguar. That night he unsuccessfully tries to kill himself by attempting to pipe carbon monoxide into the car. In a comical twist, the car ( jaguar was known to have mechanical issues) won’t start.

Sally comes to visit Megan and Don for the weekend and finding out that she has a morning to herself invites her friend/ phone boyfriend Glen to visit. They end up going to the natural history museum where Sally gets her first period and ends up taking a cab home to Betty. In the meantime Megan comes home, doesn’t find Sally and ends up sitting with Glen who comes back looking for Sally. Betty calls to tell Megan that Sally is ok and that she just needed her mother.

Don and Roger make a sales call to Dow chemicals, one of the largest advertising accounts. Seemigly without a chance, Don ends up telling the executives that they should have 100% and not settle for 50% share of the market. They make an impression.

The next day, Joan and the rest of the senior staff discover that Lane has hanged himself in his office. Don and Roger come back from the Dow pitch and are asked to sit down where they are told about Lane. Don puts his head in his hands and we know he feels responsible. When the partners go into the office to cut Lane down, they find the suicide note and inside it is a resignation letter. Don doesn’t tell anyone about the earlier firing or the stolen money.

The show ends with Don letting Glen drive his car back to school in order to make Glen happy.

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