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LMFAO’s Q & A Interview Backstage At MMVA’s 2012

The choice of LMFAO as co-hosts for the Much Music video awards or MMVA’s 2012 left many including us with a mild trepidation. Well the worry was for naught, as RedFoo ( Stefan Kendal Gordy) and SkyBlu (Skyler Austen Gordy) did a great job.  The duo, who just happen to be uncle (Red) and nephew (Sky) enjoyed an easy going rapport with the press backstage.  Stefan Kendal also happens to be the youngest son of Motown founder Barry Gordy, the half  brother of Diana Ross’ daughter Rhonda Suzanne and a former brother in law of  Jermaine Jackson. He might be red, but he is no fool. Watch the video of their Q and A interview backstage at the MMVA’s 2012.

Real Style Network asked RedFoo how their lives have changed since making it “big”. Considering who his father is, the answer was surprising. RedFoo said ” The attention. It’s all the attention we get now…and we like it”.

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