Now Playing – Movies Opening May 11th, 2012

A week after the biggest opening in the history of movies has a very interesting mix of new releases.  There’s a new Tim Burton / Johnny Depp collaboration, and two limited release flicks.  The Avengers will probably stay on top however, at least for another week.

Dark Shadows is based on the soap opera from the 70’s by the same name.  Both Depp and Burton have stated that the show was one of their favorites, but it appears as if it’s been completely re-imagined for today’s audiences.  Depp himself has mentioned in interviews that he wanted to portray a vampire the way they are supposed to be portrayed,   and look like they are supposed to look.  This could either be a huge hit for the pair, or a colossal disaster.

Tonight You’re Mine has been hitting the independent movie circuit since last year.  This one’s about feuding rock stars who get handcuffed together on the day of a music festival.  This British made film hasn’t gotten too many positive reviews, and will probably be hard to find.

The Road is a Philippines made horror flick by director Yam Laranas.  It’s about a cold case that is reopened after 3 teens disappear along the same stretch of road.  Only big fans of horror will probably catch this one, and even then more than likely on DVD.

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