Lady Gaga Banned From Performing in Indonesia

Lady Gaga has fans, or “little monsters” as she calls them all over the world, but she’s been officially banned from seeing her Indonesian fans.

Lady Gaga was scheduled to perform in Jakarta next month but is now being banned from the mostly Muslim country because of her racy outfits. The show, which was set for June 3rd was going to be the biggest stop on the Asian tour, as she was going to be performing for 52,000 people. But between her lyrics, persona and style, seems Lady Gaga wont be granted a permit.

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This isn’t the first time that Lady Gaga has seen controversy during this leg of her tour. When she was in South Korea her show was widely protested as well because of her demeanour. Seems Lady Gaga’s tour is facing lots of drama, but I doubt she’ll be changing her wild style any time soon!

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