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Real Style Back Stage At The 2012 Juno Awards

There were some big winners at last night’s Juno Awards, including Feist and The Sheepdogs who both won 3 awards, and some big name performances from musicians such as DeadMau5, Blue Rodeo  and Nickelback.  The show took place this year in Ottawa, with William Shatner hosting it.  He added his own brand of humor to the event, including mispronouncing DeadMau5’s name, singing a medley of classic Canadian rock, and suggesting he team up with Nickelback  to become Nickelshat.

The Junos have been Canada’s music awards since they were first handed out in 1970.  The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences chooses the winners, and an annual awards show presents the winners to the public.  Every year the venue changes to another city somewhere across Canada, and this year the nation’s capital had the honor.

Here’s what was seen and heard back stage.

When the camera focused on Dragonette during the ceremony you could tell that she wasn’t aware that she was about to win Dance Recording of the Year for her song Hello with Martin Solveig.  She said afterwards that “I’ve never done anything else like this before.”  The entire experience for her was “fuzzy and kind of cool.”  The award meant a lot to her, and it was “very unexpected and it makes me so very proud.”

City and Colour’s Dallas Green was very soft spoken and talked mainly about his creation process.  He doesn’t have an ideal place to write music either.  He said “I dream of that cabin in the middle of the woods with thebabbling brook, turning off the internet and writing a record, but I don’t think that would work for me.”  Usually for him his “songs end up becoming songs late at night or early in the morning in my house.”  Don’t ask him what his favourite song is on his latest album, because to him it is “kind of like asking a parent who is your favourite child.”  He doesn’t have a list of people he’d like to create with either, but he wouldn’t mind sitting “in a room and sing with Lesley, Feist.”  It’s not like he’d want to record with her, “just sit.”  He think’s she’s “got such a beautiful voice.”

Like Dragonette, Dan Mangan didn’t think he’d win either.  “I did not really have any expectations to win anything at all,” he said.  He believes a trait most Canadian’s share that has helped him is “an ability to laugh at ourselves.  I think that’s a very important thing to maintain, our ability to not take ourselves too seriously.

Feist has won 11 awards in total, but according to her last night “I just really remember the first one, and this one.”  She doesn’t keep the awards herself, but give them to her mom who keeps them on her mantle.

When Deadmau5 took the stage you could tell instantly that he is the type of person who speaks his mind.  Not surprising considering his recent Twitter feud with Madonna.  When asked about it he said that there is a “100% change of not getting an apology from Madonna.”  He doesn’t think much of it anyway, because “we’re all going to forget about this in 2 months.”  He was even asked what he thought about Michael Buble’s Christmas winning Album of the Year.  “A Christmas album won?” he asked.  “Really?  Is it any good?”

Blue Rodeo was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and it was something they never saw coming.  “I don’t think any of us ever expected when we played our first show that we’d ever be in the Hall of Fame,” Jim Cuddy said.  They’d been attending the annual awards since 1989, and commented on the changes they’d seen and whether or not presenting less awards during the broadcast and having more live music was a better thing. At first “it was more of an industry thing,” Greg Keelor said, “it was just promoters, agents, record company people.  It was a smaller production, but it was a lot of fun.  This is now a gathering of tribes, this is people playing music, so to me a higher quotient of music is a good thing.”

There is bound to be a fair bit of disagreement over Michael Buble’s Christmas album being considered the best album of the year, and whether or not they should be presenting more awards during the show, but one thing is for certain, last night’s broadcast of the Juno’s was a lot of fun, and every year it’s becoming bigger and bigger.  More of the artists are showing up to claim their awards, and more artists are enjoying showing the country what they can do.   They made Canada proud, and after a week of celebrating in Ottawa it’s time for them to hit the road and start creating more music.

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