Terra Nova Cancelled

The Fox science fiction series Terra Nova has been on the bubble since it premiered, and yesterday they made it official that the show won’t be returning next year.

Terra Nova didn’t do overly bad in the ratings, but it never seemed to really catch an audience.  The series which featured a family travelling back in time to another dimension in order to rebuild society.  The show only lasted 13 episodes, with the final one airing in December.  Since then there has been a lot of debate as to whether or not the show would ever return.  The finale did draw back some of the fans of the show, but it unfortunately wasn’t enough for the series to avoid cancellation.

Even though Fox has canceled the show, it may continue on another network.  Studio 20th Century Fox TV is shopping it around to other networks.

Fox is going to have a revamped lineup next season, with House all ready announcing that this is their final season, and the much hyped Alcatraz failing to attract much attention.

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