Jimmy Fallon’s Childhood Home Goes Up For Sale

Late Night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has let the world know that his childhood home is up for sale, and that he wants someone cool to buy it.

Fallon wrote on Twitter “My childhood home in Saugerties, NY is for sale. Please someone cool buy it! Great place to grow up.” He also posted a link to the real estate page.

The house is going for $220,000 and will probably see its value climb after the promotion from Fallon.  The house is listed as having three bedrooms with one an a half baths, a detached garage and is approximately 60 – 100 years old.

Perhaps if the buyer is lucky, Fallon will drop by to relive his childhood one day.  Then again they could be cursed by fans of the talk show host dropping by as well.

Picture Courtesy of: Viva Vivanista

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