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Products to Help You Get Straight Hair

We all love the look of healthy, shiny straight locks- but as any home hairstyler knows, this is often a style which is much harder to achieve than it seems. Take a closer look at some great products to help you get the straight style you want- and most importantly, to make it last the day


Real Style Tries Kérastase Cristalliste

Recently, Real Style decided it was time for some hair therapy, with the summer heat and rain beginning to take a toll on our flowing locks. We gave the Cristalliste line by Kérastase a try, with all of the products especially created and formulated to bring damaged long hair back into shape. Although it is often difficult to find a line which works for longer locks, Cristalliste promises salon-quality results and plenty of shine (along with lovely pink packaging, always a plus).


Kérastase Introduces Their Best Kept Hair Care Secret

Long luscious waves dominated the Spring Versace runway, if you’re lucky enough to have those ever so envious locks we’ve discovered a line of products to keep them looking great. Kérastase’s new line of hair care products is geared towards young girls and is what they like to call the best kept secret for long hair.