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How To Get 60′s Inspired Hair For Spring

If you are still excited over the return of Mad Men try getting your own Betty Draper inspired hair at home. Betty’s classic curls are the perfect hair whether you are going to an cocktail party or weekend dinner date.


How To Do A Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

If you have a hot date planned for Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect hairstyle for you to achieve that romantic look we all adore. This soft, elegant hairstyle is just what you need to impress that someone special.


Get A Holiday Party Hair Style

Expect to have your family and loved ones blown away this year with this elegant party hairstyle. We encourage you to give this lovely and beautiful hairstyle a shot, as it is perfect for any occasion and event. This tutorial is great for those who are blessed with long hair, but you will have to invest in some good hair extensions if you’re not. The tutorial is a tricky and difficult task to complete, however, it will be worth every minute of your time at the very end.