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Master Sparkling Diamond Nail Art For Your Next Night Out

Photo: nailed_by_sarah on Instagram 

While 2016 was certainly marked by plenty of sparkle and shimmer, the year ahead is slated to take shimmer to an entirely new level. In fact, diamond nail art is set to make a dazzling impression this winter, as the latest Korean manicure trend. For anyone looking to bring their fingertips to an entirely new level, diamond nails just may allow you to achieve the look.

Popularized by the South Korean nail salon Unistella, diamond nails are quickly glimmering on fingers everywhere and are taking over Instagram. With an eye-catching holographic effect and a textured effect reminiscent of an actual gemstone, this manicure look is seizing the spotlight.

Photo: nail_unistella on Instagram 

For anyone bored of classic French tips or simply in the mood for an adventurous spin on the seasonโ€™s metallic mani, diamond nails just may be a beauty look to embrace this winter. Marked by shades of iridescent silver and luminous polish, diamond nails are certainly not for shrinking violets or wallflowers. If youโ€™re stepping out on Friday night or simply looking to sparkle while at the office, look no further than diamond-effect fingernails this January.

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