Get Into The St. Patrick’s Day Spirit With This Gorgeous Green Makeup Tutorial


Photo: marieappelt on Instagram

For party animals who are heading out tonight for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s nothing to help you channel the luck of the Irish better than a festive beauty look. Although a regular Thursday at the office may not be an appropriate place to sport bold green eyeshadow, St. Patty’s means that verdant shades are officially en vogue. If you’re looking to rock an appropriate beauty statement as you head out tonight, take your beauty cues from this simple and wearable makeup tutorial.

1) Start off by preparing your eyelids with primer: In order to maintain the look of luscious green shadow all evening long, launch your beauty look by applying eyeshadow primer to your lids. Use an eyeshadow brush to carefully apply a powder-based product.

2) Brush on a brilliant green shade of eyeshadow: Once your eyelids are prepared, use a clean makeup brush to apply a bright green eyeshadow. Next, apply a darker shade of green over the first layer of shadow to produce an eye-catching look. Gently blend and smudge the shadow for a smoky, sultry effect.

3) Apply a white eyeshadow base on your lids: After you’ve applied your green eyeshadow, use a thin makeup brush to apply a white shadow base on your upper eyelids. Next, enhance the look of your brilliant lids with another coat of green eyeshadow in a slightly deeper shade. Continue to subtly smudge the shadow, using your brush.

4) Outline your lower eyelids and apply black gel eyeliner: To truly bring your eyeshadow statement to the next level, use the same shade of green eyeshadow to highlight your lower eyelids. Once you’ve trace the shadow under your lower lash line, create a fierce winged eyeliner look using black gel liner. Add a hint of sparkly green shadow over your lids and on your lower lash line.

5) Add blush, a highlighting product, pale pink lip gloss and false lashes: Finish off your St. Patrick’s Day beauty look by accentuating your cheekbones with a rosy red cheek colour, and using highlighter for a flawless glow. Next, add a coat of pale pink lip gloss to leave the focus on your eyes, and apply a pair of false lashes if desired. If not, try a double coat of black mascara, and prepare to party in true Irish style!

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