Icicle Hair Is Officially A Chill New Trend For Winter


Photo: rpzlrpzl on Instagram

With the great outdoors officially resembling a winter wonderland, it’s clear that our tired locks are in dire need of an upgrade. If you’re ready to channel the snowy climate and bring the look of lightly falling snowflakes into your own hairstyle, try taking your cues from the season’s latest hair trend.

Staying true to the season’s weather conditions, icicle hair is the newest trend to make a statement in the beauty world. Icicle hair may bring the Arctic to mind, but the trend was actually created by stylists at the RPZL Hair Extension & Blowout Bar in New York City.

The look of icicle inspired locks uses silver and gold clip-in hair extensions to create a subtle, metallic aesthetic.

If you want to keep sparkling long after the holidays have ended, it may be worthwhile to add a few icicle streaks to your locks. For anyone who is hitting the party circuit on the weekend and aiming to get a cool new looks, these tinsel-like tresses may be your solution. While we wouldn’t recommend embracing these sparkling streaks for the workday, they can certainly revamp your Friday night hairstyle and help you channel your inner ice princess. Let it snow!

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