Get Chic Grey Hair Like Julianne Moore As President Alma Coin In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

While President Alma Coin is a devious character who will do anything to obtain her goals, you must admit her hair is pretty awesome. In case you’ve been thinking about going grey, one of the hottest colour trends in the last couple of years, check out our interview with celebrity hair stylist Danny Moon, the man behind Nicole Richie’s steely lavender-hued looks.

Whether it’s grey hair’s Space Odyssey appeal, or the fact it can be seen as the last frontier in hair colour, the trend is certainly catching on with street stylers and industry insiders alike, who showcase the look in magazine editorials and fashion weeks around the world. “I feel like the grey just automatically takes people to the future, that’s why people are starting to wear those colours or wear that colour as an undertone,” says Moon. “There’s been a lot of editorials and fashion week pictures where there’s a wide range of greys to choose now…It’s eccentric, it’s nice, but it has a neutral feeling to it. It’s not super loud but it’s still making a statement.”

Interestingly, Moon notes that as grey grows as a trend, the new angle is to throw some colour in the mix. “What’s happening right now is that grey is starting to bleed over into other colours, like greens or blues or pinks. You start adding silver to these colours and they mute the colours out so you end up getting like a muted blue, which is then more sophisticated than any colour being worn out there–it’s more of an artistic shade. People wore silver for a while, and now they’re going more into silver-y colours.”

Still, Moon cautions the new grey isn’t for everyone. “I think grey can look pretty on women. It really does change people, but you have to watch who you put it on, because it can make them look old if their face is not fit for the kind of shade. The stylist has to use their judgement and be like ‘Well, this is going to make you look older,’ because it is a fresh colour, it is a new colour, but it definitely is not for everybody,” says Moon, who adds, “Having grey hair is a colour thing too because you spend your whole life looking at dark brown and all of a sudden you’re looking at a bright white, so it’s something that has to do with how you feel on the inside.”

When it comes to artificially getting the look, one has to consider the process. “It’s a lot of work. I’ve had girls in salon for about eight or nine hours, and that’s just doing it in one sitting session from dark brown to completely silver,” says Moon. “You have to strip the hair of all its colour and then tone it. You have to make the person a platinum and then once they’re that light, you put the temporary colour—like a toner/glow—over it and it rinses out over four to five weeks. When they’re ready to get their roots done, they also get their gloss put on.”

As for natural greys, Moon says, “Natural grey could be cool. If you wanted to put a twist on it, you could throw any of these colours into a natural grey. You could bleach out a strip and put a lavender, any colour. But when it comes to clients growing their hair out to that grey, I feel like it will always be a challenge because we get to a certain age where we don’t want to see the grey because it reminds us that we are getting older…so it’s a big commitment to change that. A lot of grey doesn’t have a complimentary texture, some of it’s grey, some is not. Grey hair comes in percentages, sometimes you’re 20% or 40% grey, so it varies and that plays a role in people wanting to grow their grey out. Some people grow their grey out and it’s witchy because it’s not like a complete silver fox.”

Story originally appeared in Real Style, Winter 2014/2015.

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