Apply Concealer Like a Makeup Artist- Easy How To Guide


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Foundation is great, but sometimes a girl just needs a little spot treatment. Whether it’s blemishes, dark spots or you just want to highlight your face, concealer is a woman’s best friend. The trick is applying it right. These insider tips will help you apply concealer like a pro so that you can achieve a flawless finish. Highlighting Concealers work great for highlighting the face. They can dramatically brighten the under-eye area and help enhance the right features.


  • When it comes to highlighting, apply concealer after you’ve applied your foundation. In order to highlight, make sure you are using a concealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your foundation. You might need to mix two different shades to get the perfect color.
  • Apply the concealer to the under-eye area by making a triangle (start from the inner corner, take the product down till you reach your nostril, and drag the brush upwards, ending at the outer corner of the eye).
  • Fill in the triangle and blend it out. Make sure that when you are blending, you are also blending outwards towards your temples as well. This will highlight those cheekbones.
  • Apply a little bit of concealer to the inner corner of your eye close to the side of your nose.
  • Other areas that can be highlighted: the bridge of nose, chin, forehead and cupid’s bow.
  • The last step, which is the most important, is to set your concealer with a powder. Use a translucent powder in order for the highlighted areas to stay bright. You can use loose or pressed powder.


Covering Up If are covering up red spots, acne, veins or severe dark spots, apply a correcting concealer before your foundation in order to give you that extra coverage.

  • If you need extra coverage after applying your foundation, use a concealer in the same color as your foundation and target the spots that need more attention.
  • Set the areas using a foundation powder, which will also add extra coverage, or a translucent powder.


Here are some great brushes that will make blending a breeze. Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki MAC Cosmetics 195 Concealer Brush Cover FX Concealer Brush 

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