The Most Memorable Hairstyles from HBO’s Girls

The hairstyles of HBO’s Girls have taken accent braids, crimping, and DIY haircuts to a whole new level. Some of the hairstyles that these New York girls have donned in the first two seasons have been bold and inspiring – others frightening. To celebrate the upcoming season, premiering tonight, we’ve put together some of the most memorable hairstyles from Girls.

marnie shosh wedding

Marnie and Shoshanna at Jessa’s Surprise Wedding

Shoshanna looked super chic in this centre-parted crown braid – one of her more subdued looks.  Marnie, on the other hand, opted for this messy, curly, just-came-back-from-a-beach-vacation look, which was an interesting change (probably symbolic of her post-breakup behaviour) from her signature sleek and straight look.

jessa swing braid

Jessa’s Father-Daughter Issues Braid

The girls of Girls are no strangers to the accent braid, especially Jessa with her signature bohemian style. The braid in this Season 2 episode, where we delve deeper into Jessa’s issues than ever before, was probably the most biggest and boldest of all.

shosh side braid

Shoshanna’s Super Side Braid

Only Shoshanna could take an extreme 80s style side braid, and combine it with the tackiness of a not-so-subtle blonde highlight, and somehow still be cute. Shoshanna somehow continues to mix grown-up hair trends with the creativity of a young girl playing with her Barbie dolls.

jessa crimpJessa’s Season 2 Crimping Experimentation

During much of Season 2, we found ourselves questioning Jessa’s motives: marrying some guy she just met, her freak out in his apartment, and her sudden affection for the crimping iron. She managed to pull it off until that memorable episode where she meets his parents, where she wears a voluminous, geisha-inspired style, with her crimped hair half held up by hair sticks.

shosh subwayShoshanna’s Subway Love Confessions Style

This is probably Shoshanna’s most avant-garde creation, skewing traditional pigtails into an asymmetrical look and adding a twisted, side-swept pompadour. It’s super cute and girly, but we’d be surprised if anyone else could pull it off.

hannah diy haircut

Hannah’s Disastrous DIY Haircut

At the end of Season 2, Hannah’s emotional breakdown led her down the dangerous path toward a DIY haircut. Trying to emulate Carey Mulligan’s short do, she ends up with a hideous bowl cut, and even more emotional turmoil.

shosh half up top bunThe Front-Side Sock Bun

One of the most popular hair trends of last year was the sock bun: a sleek, more elegant answer to the messy top bun. Leave it to Shoshanna to have cranked it up a few notches, bringing to the front of her head, slightly off-centre, in a half-up do. Let’s face it: most of us don’t have enough hair on our heads to handle the craziness of Shoshanna’s hairstyles.

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