How To Fake A Glow After A Night Partying

There is nothing worse than looking into the mirror after a fun night out with your friends, and seeing a reflection that looks rather lackluster and dull. Unfortunately, staying out late, eating late night foods, and consuming alcohol takes it toll on your body and complexion. While we’ve recently ran down ways to prevent a hangover, now we only see it fit to uncover how to correct and create a glow after a night of partying with your pals. Stock up on these 6 new little beauty goodies, as you’ll want to step into 2014 with your best face forward!

Bumble and Bumble

1. Getting that second day hair looking and smelling fresh and festive can be as easy as spraying your locks with product. There’s no need to wash out those perfect curls from your night of partying, and with the help of a dry shampoo you can fake a glow, and continue partying into the next day with your best hair day yet.
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