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Spectro Skincare’s Dr. Barankin Gives Skincare Buying Tips


It probably feels like the quest to find the right skincare routine has been going on for your entire life. There are so many products on the market all guaranteeing the same results, and it’s expensive to keep buying and throwing out products that don’t live up to their promises. And we all know we’re supposed to avoid certain unhealthy ingredients, but it would take a degree in Chemistry to recognize most of the stuff on skincare products’ ingredient lists. That’s why Real Style spoke with dermatologist Dr. Barankin, representing Spectro Skincare, who advises us on what ingredients to look for and avoid in our skincare arsenal, and tips for keeping hydrated this winter.

Real Style: What should people look for or avoid in a cleanser?

Dr. Barankin: Avoid harsh cleansers, which can disrupt your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Use only gentle cleansers to remove dirt and bacteria. Also try products labelled for sensitive skin that are ideally free of sodium –lauryl/laureth sulfate (SLS). Products that are fragrance-­‐free and have minimum preservatives are also good. Foaming cleansers can sometimes be a little more drying than regular cleansers.

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RS: What should people look for and avoid in a moisturizer?

Dr. B: A good moisturizer is ideally a cream (as opposed to a lotion), as this helps prevent evaporation of water from the skin. It should have no or minimal fragrance, and few preservatives. Good ingredients to have include: dimethicone, glycerin, urea, ceramide, and shea butter to name a few. An expensive moisturizer is not necessarily any better.

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RS: What things should be in every woman’s arsenal to have hydrated healthy skin?

Dr. B: Gentle cleansers and moisturizing creams for sensitive skin, cotton gloves for sleeping and/or wearing under vinyl gloves when you’re washing things in the sink and a humidifier in your bedroom while you are sleeping. A water softening system for the home can also be considered.

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