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Low Calorie Christmas Cocktails

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There’s no need to deny yourself the delight of delicious holiday beverages this season if you’re hoping to embrace low calorie options. Luckily, you can always stay away from Christmas weight gain if you try a healthy version of your favourite drink! Here is Real Style’s guide to the best low calorie Christmas cocktails:

1) Skinny Santa: If you want to partake in the holiday spirit without putting on any of the pounds often linked to alcohol, why not try this Skinny Santa drink recipe from Shape magazine? The recipe calls for 1 1/2oz of Voli Lemon vodka, 
2 oz of cranberry juice, and a splash of club soda (for a total of just 100 calories).

2) Low fat hot chocolate: Every child and child at heart loves hot chocolate! However, if you find yourself searching for a low calorie option to keep up with your winter workout, try making your own homemade version with unsweetened cocoa powder and vanilla extract. If you avoid refined white sugar, you can have a healthy and still delicious version of your favourite treat.

3) Gluten free eggnog smoothie: With gluten sensitivities and restrictions on the rise, this eggnog smoothie is a perfect solution for those who require a gluten free diet. This recipe from calls for a vegan soy-based eggnog like the So Delicious brand, paired with bananas and gluten-free oats (along with festive spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg).

4) Homemade apple cider: This time of year calls for homemade cider, especially a healthy variety made in the comforts of your own kitchen! Start off with quartered apples, add a sweetener or brown sugar if you wish to stay away from the refined white stuff, and add spices (cinnamon and allspice) to finish off with.

5) Non alcoholic orange punch: If you’re organizing a work event or hosting a holiday party with kids attending, this non-alcoholic punch idea is a delicious and designated driver-friendly suggestion. Use ginger ale, organic freshly squeezed juice, and oranges along with maraschino cherries (if you like) to create a punch which will be a hit with your guests.

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