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How To Get Glowing Holiday Skin in 7 Easy Steps

It’s safe to say that we are all have the beauty 101 basics of a good skin care regime, but we want better. Washing your makeup off before you go to bed, drinking plenty of water, getting the recommended amount of sleep, and wearing sunscreen on can only go so far. We wanted to know what it takes to get glowing skin just in time for the holidays, so follow our guide for glamorous glowing skin, and we can promise your skin will be the envy of your next Secret Santa swap.

1. Exercise daily:

Exercise is one of those things that you might dread but you just absolutely need to incorporate into your daily routine. Not only will you look and feel great after a healthy workout, but the endorphins you get from running a mile a minute will make you smile. Getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing will bring a natural flush to your skin, and routine cardio will makes your skin glow because it stimulates blood flow. If you don’t have an hour to dedicate at the gym, simply taking the stairs, or walking a little bit more throughout the day will help your health and have you glowing for the holidays.

2. Eat clean and consume cucumbers:

This delicious and wholesome food is chalk full of vitamin C and caffeic acid, two antioxidants that help ward off wrinkles and signs of sun damage. As well, the all encompassing Vitamin C gives your skin a boost of collagen and elastin, which will keeps you looking radiant until the break of down. As well, the healthier and happier you eat and drink the more toxins are released from your body. Perhaps the easiest way to clear your skin and to get it glowing for the holidays is to simply start from the inside.

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