How To Get Glamorous New Years’ Eve Eyes


If you’re heading out to celebrate in style on the 31st, you’ll want to make sure that your eye makeup is both dramatic and elegant just in time for the New Year. With parties and events on the calendar, the night of the 31st gives you a perfect opportunity to experiment with shimmer and bold eye looks. Here is a guide to a YouTube tutorial to help you get a fabulous look:

1) You will need a good quality concealer (try the Body Shop’s Concealer All-In-One), liquid liner in black, and an eyeshadow palette which includes a gunmetal-inspired silver gray shade. Try Gunmetal by Urban Decay ($22, available at Sephora) for starters.

2) Gently apply concealer and highlight the upper eyelid area. It’s important to ensure smooth skin here which is free of dark circles (especially because you will be rocking a darker and more intense eye makeup look and dark undereye circles will just take away from those high-drama eyes).

3) Lightly apply the gunmetal shadow to your upper lids, using first your fingers and then an eyeshadow brush. Start off with darker shadow on the lid, and then apply a lighter layer around the brow bone for a sort of “smoky eye” effect. You can experiment with a silver here if you wish, like Silver Fog by MAC ($21). Use a touch of taupe and white shadow around the creases of the eye as well.

4) Next, add a line of black liquid liner to your upper lids, with a very thin line underneath. Be sure to finish off with two coats of volumizing mascara (the “they’re real” line by Benefit is a good choice).

5) Finish off with a pale pink lip and minimal light pink blush, for eyes which will truly pop on the big night. Happy New Year from Real Style!

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