How To Do Candy Cane Nail Art


With the countdown to Christmas officially on, you may wish to get your manicure into the spirit of the season with some festive nail art. Here’s a look at a great YouTube tutorial so you can embrace this candy cane-inspired manicure just in time for the holidays:

1) You will need two nail colours (both a striking white and a bright crimson red), along with manicure scissors, a roll of tape, and a good quality top coat. Try Formula X for Sephora in both White Matter and Pyrotechnic- Dynamite Red for the candy cane colours, and finish off with Deborah Lippman Addicted to Speed Top Coat when you’re done.

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2) First, apply a coat of white polish to each nail. Be sure to wait for the polish on your first hand to dry before moving on to the next- the last thing you need is a streaky candy cane!

3) Once the white colour on both hands has dried, cut the tape into small strips with the manicure scissors (about the width of each fingernail). Carefully place the strips of tape in a diagonal effect across each nail, with both thinner and wider strips of tape in place for that candy cane effect.

4) Next, move on to your red nail colour. You’ll apply this straight across each nail, right over the dried layer of white polish. Don’t worry about smudging the red over the tape, as you’ll be taking off those strips soon enough anyways (the tape is keeping your design under control for now).

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5) Once the red colour has dried, slowly remove the strips of tape from each fingernail. You should now have a beautiful candy cane pattern with flawless diagonal stripes!

6) Remove the excess nail polish from around your nails, before adding a top coat to keep your manicure in place until Christmas. Enjoy!

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