Jennifer Lawrence Gets A Pixie Cut- And Joins Everyone Else!

Jennifer Lawrence may be known for her long dark locks in The Hunger Games, but the naturally beautiful actress has just chopped off her hair, joining the recent Hollywood trend of flirty and feminine pixie cuts.

The 23-year-old star has dyed her hair blonde, with golden highlights emphasizing her striking new cut and colour. It’s a major change which will no doubt take some getting used to (as we’re all used to Jennifer with a longer style), but we like the new look on her! With her bright smile and bold eye makeup, the style seems to flatter Jennifer’s face and suit her laidback personality. While it’s a step away from Katniss’ signature hairstyle, we will get a chance to see her character’s long and loose braid on screen in Catching Fire (in theatres November 22).

Here’s a list of other celebs who have recently made the cut:

Jennifer Aniston: Eternally youthful Jennifer Aniston has rocked every style from the iconic “Rachel” to her current messy, sexy long bob. Thanks to her dedicated hairstylist Chris McMillan, she has now joined the short hair club herself!

Pamela Anderson: While we’re used to seeing Pam embracing a racy look with plenty of platinum curls, the star has now chopped her hair into a Michelle Williams-style pixie. She looks sophisticated and simply natural with her new look!

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Kristin Chenoweth: Petite blonde actress Kristin Chenoweth has also cut her hair into a perky pixie cut, with the new look flattering her features and adding softness. We approve!

Jennifer Hudson: With her thick and bouncy dark curls, the gorgeous Jennifer Hudson must have had a tough time making the change to her current ‘do! Nevertheless, we love the diva with her short cut, which brings out her eyes and is an exciting change.

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Photo: Facebook

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