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Healthy Foods That Reduce Stress Now

The holidays tend to bring out the best and worst in us. We can’t wait to come together with family, friends, and co-workers and enjoy their company. On the their other hand the thought of trying to be festive and bright can lead to higher levels of stress. From picking out the perfect holiday card, to not forgetting someone on your shopping list, the triggers are endless. Fortunately, we’ve uncovered five new super foods that you can easily mix into your meals that are proven to reduce your levels of stress and having you feeling festive and free of fright.


This super green goodie is chalk full of monounsaturated fats and potassium which will help lower your blood pressure. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute stand by their efforts in lowering blood pressure and contend that one of the best ways to lower it is to consume enough potassium. As well, this delicious super food has more of the praised potassium than the banana. Why not add some avocado to your morning eggs, or even add some slivers to a salad.


Serotonin – a feel-good brain chemical is a key component in reducing stress, and this complex carbohydrates helps give the natural product a boost. As well, this tasty super food is packed with calming magnesium and potassium. If a hot bowl of oatmeal isn’t your thing, try adding dry oats to your morning parfait for a more tranquil and serene day.


Turkey contains an amino acid called L-tryptophan that triggers the release of serotonin, and is documented to have a calming effect. People who consume this stress reducer and super food will ultimately feel relaxed and even tired. Try adding turkey to your morning omelette, or packing a traditional turkey sandwich for lunch. 

Almonds, Pistachios, and Walnuts:

Welcome to the nuthouse! These tiny treats do a lot more for our bodies than just tasting good on the tongue. Almonds are packed with B and E vitamins, which is proven to help boost your immune system, and walnuts and pistachios help lower blood pressure. In fact, all nuts and seeds are a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids which will ultimately help reduce stress. Why not try mixing these super foods into your salads, or sprinkle a handful over top your nightly desert.


These delicious super foods are brimming with Vitamin C which reduce stress and help return blood pressure and cortisol levels back to normal. Vitamin C is also known for giving your immune system a boost, and providing powerful antioxidant relief.  Other citrus fruits such as grapefruit will provide you with your daily dose of the Vitamin, and help your stress levels stay low. Peel an orange on the commute home, or even add a few slices to breakfast plate.

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