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5 Rise-&-Shine Breakfast Ideas Under 300 Calories

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s because we will become hungrier throughout the day if we choose to skip it. The larger and more cumbersome meals we consume mean the body must process an increased amount of calories in a shorter amount of time. This can spike sugar levels in the blood and cause numerous amounts of health problems. As well, if you are trying to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle eating this meal will help speed up your metabolism, prevent you from binging, and keep you in a good mood, with a focused mind. Below we have found 5 new rise and shine worthy happy and healthy breakfast recipes that are under 300 calories. Start your day off right, and with a smile! You will have no regrets adding the extra calories on, as they are completely good for you, and will keep you going throughout a busy work day.

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1. Scrambled Egg Burrito
This delicious morning glory breakfast idea is ready in just 15 minutes, and boasts a Southwestern flare packed with proteins and a spicy kick.
Ingredients: Eggs, low-fat or skim milk, cilantro, light cheese blind, tortillas, tomatoes, salsa, jalapenos
Calories: 259 

2. Cornflake French Toast Crunch
Who doesn’t love a heaping plate of french toast? This delightful breakfast reinvented idea incorporates a cool crunch with low calorie cornflakes. You can go light on the butter and syrup if you’re looking to cut even more calories, but where’s the fun in that?
Ingredients: Cornflakes, eggs, low-fat or skim milk, whole-wheat or whole grain bread, butter, maple syrup
Calories: 149 per slice

3. Green Eggs and Ham Fritata
This delicious rise and shine breakfast idea is perhaps the offspring of the Dr. Seuss book, and it definitely tastes as warm and inviting as our fondest childhood memories. This breakfast delight is also great because you can get a weeks worth of meals out of it, score!
Ingredients: Eggs, dill, salt, freshly ground pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, spinach, ham, low calorie cheese
Calories: 217 per slice

4. Oatmeal Topped with Apples, Cinnamon and granola
There is nothing more satisfying than a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter day, and this hearty breakfast is packed with fiber, heart-healthy fats, and  is a good source of calcium. With the combination of ripe apples, cinnamon, honey and granola you will have a reason to skip, shine, and smile throughout the day.
Ingredients: Almonds, fat-free or skim milk, oatmeal, sliced apples, cinnamon, granola, honey
Calories: 258 

5. Vanilla Yogurt, Chocolate, Almond and Berry Parfait
This delicious breakfast idea is as decadent as it is good for you! The combination of dark chocolate and blueberries are both rich in heart-healthy antioxidants and taste astounding together. Add heaping scoops of yogurt and garish with the suggested ingredients, or add a few of your own for a personalized parfait.
Ingredients: Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, vanilla or Greek-style yogurt, dark-chocolate, granola, almonds
Calories: 265