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Grain Brain Book Generates Much Debate Among Fans & Critics

The debate over low carb diets, high fat diets and diets that eliminate food groups never really seems to go away, but lately we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz and discussion over carbohydrates and their effect on our nutrition and life in general. The main issue (lately) is whether or not we should be eating wheat and other grains. In the brand new (and much-discussed) book, Grain Brain, neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter shares his views on carbs. He firmly believes they destroy your brain and that even healthy carbs are dangerous and should be avoided.

Dr. Perlmutter shares research and viewpoints supporting the belief that carbohydrates like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, chronic headaches, anxiety and depression. He supports a high fat, low carb lifestyle for optimal long-term health.

Not surprisingly, Grain Brain has garnered huge interest and the book is on best-seller lists worldwide, however critics have now come out in strong opposition to the book’s claims.      

“Research shows that grains, especially low glycemic intact whole grains, reduce inflammation. They are part of the solution, not part of the problem,” says Cynthia Harriman, director of food and nutrition strategies for the Whole Grains Council. She cites a recent University of Nebraska study that showed eating whole grains (barley and brown rice) helped decrease inflammation.

Dietitians of Canada issued a statement saying, “Diets that eliminate gluten, carbohydrates or categories of foods without medical justification may put the health of Canadians at risk.”

The U.S. wheat industry says the grain-free, gluten-free “Grain Brain” diet recommended by neurologist David Perlmutter isn’t based on sound science. The industry is working on a response to Perlmutter’s new book, said Wheat Foods Council president Judi Adams. She says Perlmutter’s proposed diet isn’t sustainable for eating or for agriculture.

So while some in the medical field have spoken out against Grain Brain fans support the book and its take on food, disease and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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