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Top Fitness Trends of 2013

With the year more than halfway through, 2013’s best exercise and fitness trends have already made a name for themselves at gyms and health clubs everywhere. We decided to take a closer look at the top activities of the past several months, as well as the tech-savvy and group-oriented brave new world of fitness. Here’s our guide to the year’s best innovations and ideas when it comes to getting (and staying) in shape:

1) CrossFit: The all-inclusive and intense CrossFit workout aims for a little variety to keep your workout interesting. With a mix of sit-ups, squats, push-ups, and strength training, CrossFit has quickly become a rapidly developing fad. In fact, the workout has even inspired the annual CrossFit Games, classes for kids, and a line of athletic wear and running shoes designed by Reebok. If you’re willing to take a challenge, maintain a healthy diet, and invest hours into a hardcore yet effective workout, CrossFit’s message of movement, energy, and endurance will hit home.

2) Dance meets fitness: If you enjoy dancing on a night out, why not take it a step further and combine the infectious spirit of a dance studio with the dedication of the gym? The marriage between dance and fitness has never been stronger. With the exercise world focusing on dance as a way to burn calories while gaining confidence, workouts such as the Bollywood-inspired Doonya are gaining popularity.

3) Team effort: Keep your team strong (literally and figuratively!) with the growing emphasis on workplace wellness and group workouts. Companies are quickly introducing CrossFit, dance, and yoga classes for employees to bring their game faces forward and stay productive on the job.

4) There’s an app for that: Fitness apps have quickly revolutionized the old-school world of exercise. With iPhone and Android apps such as CalorieCounter, MyFitnessPal, and Fitocracy taking over our phones and making the gym more accessible, 2013 has been the year of fitness and technology joining forces. Perhaps jocks and nerds can be friends after all!

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5) Keeping it short and sweet: With busy schedules to keep track of, condensed yet intensive workouts seem to be the way of the future. This year, high intensity interval training has shown us that high-volume cardio activities (such as weights, the treadmill, or jump squats) are all great ways to shed pounds and gain muscle.

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