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Make Your Summer Tan Last Longer

With lazy summer days quickly changing into a busy schedule whether you’re at the office or on campus this fall, it’s clear that signs of summer are slowly disappearing from view. If you want to keep up the spirit of the season, however, you can always have that fabulous tan last longer. Here are a few tips for keeping up your tanned glow:

1) Keep on moisturizing: Using a great quality moisturizer will not only keep your skin in its best condition (that means well-hydrated and nourished), it will also help you hang on to your summertime radiance. As older skin peels away and newer skin breaks through, your tan eventually fades. If you moisturize, you manage to keep the original skin intact for longer since it is receiving the care it needs (along with your tan).

2) Try bronzer: Bronzer is an excellent and safe method for keeping up the look of a tan. This way, you still have the sun-kissed glow that you crave, and aren’t putting yourself in the way of harmful UV rays or the dangers of a tanning bed. Try Too Faced Endless Summer 16 Hour Long-Wear Bronzer (available at Sephora) for natural-looking yet bronzed skin.

3) Stay away from the wax: Getting rid of surface skin cells also removes some of that colour you’d prefer to keep. Avoiding waxing while trying to maintain a tan, since the sometimes harsh nature of waxing or hair removal products also leaves the body with renewed skin.

4) Use a tan extending or after sun product: Want to look like you’ve just arrived from the beach well into September? A great suggestion is to use a recommended and safe after sun product, like Guerlain’s Terra Soleia Tan-Enhancing Bronzer- Face and Décolleté.

5) Avoid harsh skincare products: Strong body washes, shower gels, or exfoliating scrubs will remove the surface layer of your skin (in the same way as waxing). Use products which are recommended for delicate skin, and avoid harsh exfoliants as they also strip away skin cells- taking the older tanned skin you would like to keep along for the ride.

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