Beauty Trend: Paying Big Bucks for Asian Nightingale Feces Facial

Desperate for the latest ‘must-have’ skin care treatment? Spas are once again seeing interest in a popular Japanese skin treatment made from Asian nightingale excrement mixed with rice bran.

For about $200, this facial commonly called a Geisha Facial, Nightingale Facial or Bird Poop Facial is again making news with more spas starting to offer it. According to fans, the once-a-month facial softens and smoothes the skin (an enzyme in the poop exfoliates skin).

A common misconception is that any old bird feces, even from pigeons, is used. Apparently this is not true and only droppings from birds of the nightingale species are used because they live on seeds, producing the natural enzyme that is the active ingredient.

If you’re interested in getting your own Nightingale Facial, a growing number of spas are beginning to offer it including those in New York, New Mexico, Hawaii and California.

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