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Nestlé Launches Bottled Water for Trendy, Rich Women

It’s just what the world was missing, bottled water for the rich and fashionable women of the world! Nestlé Waters North America is launching its ‘Resource’ bottled water brand nationally this month. The goal for Resource is to ultimately make it the ‘must-have’ beverage that trendy and fashionable women want to carry around and be seen with.

According to the New York Times, Resource is being aimed primarily at “a woman who is a little more on the trendy side and higher-income side, and the bull’s-eye is 35 years old,” Group Marketing Manager for Resource, Larry Cooper said. The ad aims to appeal to this affluent market with the headline “It’s more than hydration, its total electrolytenment.” New print ads show the bottle in lush woodland settings, and highlight “100 percent naturally occurring electrolytes — for taste, never added” and that the bottle has 50 percent recycled plastic content. It gives an impression of a cool, effortless and environmentally friendly bottled water choice.

In order to ensure that Resource reaches its trendy target market, the brand has teamed up with Today Show Style Expert Bobbie Thomas, actress Alyssa Milano, Brett Hoebel The Biggest Loser trainer and even signed a deal to appear throughout the upcoming season of Project Runway.

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