How To Master Nina Dobrev’s Pumped-Up Topknot

Nicely Knotted, Nina

Nina Dobrev has to be one of Hollywood’s freshest faces, and her hair’s not too shabby either. Normally cascading down her toned shoulders, Nina’s brunette locks look even more gorgeous pulled back into this messy topknot she recently worked at a product launch in NYC. We were inspired by this easy summer style, which is a fun twist on the basic ballerina bun topknot. More messy, and more sexy — this topknot is pumped up to maximum summer appeal.

Get Her Look

Want Nina’s pouffed-up, effortless topknot? This youtube tutorial video shows you just how to pull it off yourself in easy, simple steps. Get your shades on, and head into the sticky summer day, because with this easy look you won’t have a hair care in the world. Bad hair day? No way, as Nina proves.

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