Fitness Champ Allison Ethier Shares Her Advice For Workout Newbies

If you have ever wanted to go to the gym, but don’t know where to start, Real Style has got you covered. We tapped Allison Ethier, Montreal based personal trainer and fitness champion, to get her tips on how people who are new to the gym and working out can get on the path to fitness. Before you hit the gym or give up on your current workout routine read these tips from Allison Ethier.

Real Style: What advice do you have for someone who is new to the gym?

Allison Ethier: Start slow.  Allow your body to adapt.  Your mind might be ready to process but your body might not. Pushing too hard too soon always ends up in minor injuries, that could turn into a big layoff.

Hire a trainer – with that get references from friends who have worked with them. Word of mouth is big in my industry.

Be consistent. The first weeks you are really motivated. Then reality sets in.  This is a long haul change, not a temporary fix.  You have to be willing to put in the time to get the results.

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Real Style:  What do you say to people who aren’t seeing results that they expected after they start working out?

Allison Ethier: Keep moving forward. Progress can be slow.  At times you think things are not working as you are not seeing changes fast enough, but they are working. The body can only respond so fast, especially after a really long lay off.  You have to trust in the process. It does work.

Real Style: How long should the average person be working out each week to lose weight?

Allison Ethier: It depends.  There are too many variables to give you a defined answer, but in general you should aim for  4-7 hours per week . The client ultimately determines how much or how little is best for them.  Life, work, home, kids, current fitness levels, time to devote to training, motivation and various other factors can determine what is the right amount of time to lose weight, or maintain your weight or gain some muscle.

Real Style: The gym can be intimidating, especially for someone who is out of shape. How can these people get started and get the confidence they need?

Allison Ethier: Hire a trainer. They act as your buffer to reduce the fear or anxiety one might have with being in a gym.   I agree that for a newbie it can be an intimidating place.  They can teach you good technique and set you up on a program that is right for your level.

If you really don’t like the gym, find something else that you might enjoy – group classes, yoga, swimming, running clubs and walking clubs are just a few examples of great ways to be active without necessarily stepping into a gym.  Doing what you enjoy is the best way to actually stick to it, and be consistent with activity.

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