Expert Tips For Colouring Your Hair At Home

While some of us prefer leaving our hair in the hands of a professional, countless women use hair dye from the comforts of their own home. With Clairol being a leading player in the market, we got tips from Clairol colour expert Luis Pachecho at his salon, Hair on the Avenue, on boxed colour and tips for achieving the same look at home.

Luis first demonstrated the Colour Tapestry effect, which is perfect for hair that is anywhere from dark blonde to medium brown. The Tapestry look consists of plenty of well-blended lighter shades, with colour gradually applied to the divided sections. To start with, hair is parted down the centre into two large sections and then further divided into 8-10 smaller sections (with 4-5 on each side).

The sections of hair are then twisted into spirals, with colour applied about two-thirds of the way up. Luis recommends keeping the “rule of thirds” in mind when working with hair colour and sticking to this ratio.

Next, the Colour Duo look was demonstrated. Perfect for anywhere from medium blonde to dark brown, two shades of Clairol Nice ‘n Easy are used for this effect (with one shade for the base, and one shade for the middle and ends). Apply the first shade to the mid-shaft of your locks and the second shade to your hairline. When both shades have processed, you should have a beautiful dual tone all-over colour.

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