The Perfect DIY Spring Wedding Makeup

Spring Wedding Beauty

Getting married this spring or standing in a spring wedding? Or maybe you’re just attending nuptials and want to look your radiant best. This runway makeup look is the perfect combination of soft romance and modern touches, and we show you how to get this Diane Von Furstenburg spring 2013 beauty look for the  most exquisite wedding makeup of the year.

DIY Wedding Makeup

Paying a professional makeup artist to do your wedding makeup is great, and this photo can be your inspiration! But, there’s no reason you can’t do your own and have the result be just as lush and pretty. With the right products and a blend of classic femininity with dewy glamour is bound to have guests asking who did your MUA.

How To Copy

The key to this effortless glow is choosing a palette that flaunts your own features without appearing brash. After all, subtlety needs to be in the cards when it comes to wedding beauty. Start with a perfect complexion thanks to your favourite lightweight BB or CC cream for a dewy finish. Then, use our makeup picks to give your cheeks a natural bronzed flush, lips a sheer wash of  seductive rose, and eyes a long, feathered lid full of black lashes. For shadows, we love how this look incorporates subtle highlighting with a deeply accented gaze.

Shop the Look
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[Photo via Style.com]

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