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New Diet – Jorge Cruise ‘The 100 Diet’

The latest diet to hit the airwaves promises that you can have the treats and goodies you love provided that you monitor the sugar. 

Jorge Cruise’s new book, ‘The 100: Count ONLY Sugar Calories and Lose Up to 18 Lbs. in 2 Weeks’ is the much buzzed about diet book that promises serious weight loss by counting sugar calories.

The concept beyond The 100 diet is simple, track your Sugar Calories and enjoy a wide variety of foods including fruits, vegetables and even desserts. The catch? You cannot eat more than 100 sugar calories per day. The 100 Diet is a 4-week plan, complete with shopping lists and recommended food guides that according to the book can help you drop up to 18 pounds quickly. 

Cruise met with ABC News’ Juju Chang at the Trump SoHo in Manhattan to explain the science behind the approach. “It’s all about the insulin,” he said. “Everyone thinks weight loss is all about eat less, exercise more … a calorie is a calorie and as much as I love equality, I’m not abiding equality when it comes to calories. Not all calories are the same.”

But it’s not that simple. Common foods that may seem healthy are loaded with hidden sugar, and reading nutrition labels can be tricky. “So here’s the total formula, bottom line: total carbs times four,” he said. “Total carbs times four will tell you how many sugar calories. … Say it’s 20 total carbs in an apple. Times it by four, you’re looking at 80 sugar calories.”

So does “The 100 Diet’ actually work? Jorge Cruise certainly knows how to sell a diet plan and the key benefit to ‘The 100 Diet’ is said to be the simplicity and ability to eat foods that other diets may deny (like dessert). Yes, you don’t need to track calories in the traditional way, but you do still need to track sugar calories. With Jorge Cruise behind it, we think this diet will be a hit, but we’ll need to wait until after the book’s official release in June to confirm whether it’s as easy as it seems.


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