Mia Kirshner Shares Her Beauty Secrets

The beautiful Mia Kirshner has been loved by both men and women for her natural good looks that gained fans on The L Word and now each week on the sci-fi show Defiance. When you see Mia in person you would never guess her true age, and we won’t tell. We needed to know how this Canadian beauty keeps herself looking so young and beautiful. Find out what Mia Kirshner’s all natural beauty secrets are:

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“I would say everything starts with good skin, so I guess an oil based cleanser, a wash cloth and a great moisturizer, something really heavy. What’s great is that with powdered mineral makeup, you can make your own lipstick and do it naturally.

Everything is a chemical, but I feel like it’s best for our bodies [to use natural products]. There is so much around us, so it feels better for me to be simple with my skincare. I will use organic coconut oil to wash my face with hot water. I sometimes use olive oil. It is cheaper, better and has less packaging.

I certainly don’t want to be preachy about it because it is such a personal thing for other people.”

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Watch Mia Kirshner on Defiance on Showcase on Monday’s at 10 pm.

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