How To Do Gatsby Inspired Art Deco Nails

With The Great Gatsby set to be released in theatres this Friday, the beauty world is taking cues from the 1920s-inspired elegance of the much anticipated flick. The following tutorial shows how to get an at-home manicure complete with brilliant, edgy art deco designs:

What You Need: You will need three different shades of nail colour (a dark burgundy-tone brown, gold, and a paler shade of brown), topcoat, a dotting tool, and small cosmetic brush. You can use the colours suggested in the video, or try OPI Brisbane Bronze, OPI GoldenEye, and Dior Vernis Nail Polish in Maroon.

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1) Apply first shade of polish: Apply the first shade of your nail colour (which should be the darker brown) in a sleek, even layer. If you need to, apply a second coat. Once this layer dries, you’ll be moving on to the gold shimmer.

2) Layering over: With the makeup brush, apply gold polish in a gentle, jagged pattern over the first layer of polish which should now be completely dry (otherwise you will end up with a multi-coloured mess instead of a pattern).

3) Finishing touches: Once the second coat dries, apply the burgundy shade over with the makeup brush to create your third layer, using the same jagged technique to create a type of “wave” effect. You should now have three colours overlapping, and a beautiful art deco look. Enjoy!


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