F/W 2013 Backstage Beauty At Greta Constantine

Dramatic dark eyes and pale skin at Greta Constantine

Savage. Tribal. Psychological romance. These were the words Greta Constantine designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong presented to MAC Cosmetics senior artist Melissa Gibson as inspiration to create the beauty look for their fall/winter collection, which they presented in Toronto on Wednesday.

“I have a longstanding relationship with Kirk and Steven so they usually send me a couple of words and we go from there,” explains Gibson. After seeing a photo of the hair look, and knowing their clothing looks, she decided to go with something unstructured. “Not tribal per se, but beautifully unfinished,” says Gibson, who’s worked with the design duo since their first show.

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The look: The focus here is the edgy and dark, almost hooded-looking eyes. Gibson used eye makeup from the pro product collection from MAC, Chromacake, in Pure White, Black Black and Marine Ultra. “It’s a broken down smokey eye, as though you’ve run your finger across the eye [to create the look,]” she says. Using a small fan brush, she added shots of the blue to break up the layers of greyish black, so that the finished look is not beautifully blended.

The rest of the face is kept pale – with zero blush (Gibson just made the skin look flawless using Studio Sculpt Foundation and Mineralize Face Powders) in order to keep the focus on the eyes, and paled out the lips using lipsticks such as a mix of Blankety and Flesh Pot so that the lips.

To wear it in real life: If you have that cool, edgy, downtown attitude, go for this bad-ass look, or if it’s too risky for you, clean it up by applying it as a clean smokey eye using tones of black and blue.

– Karen Kwan

[Photography – Edward Kowal]

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