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Would You Dare A Flame Facial?

A new facial trend being offered in Chinese salon using fire is turning up the heat on beauty. Huǒ Liáo, also known as the flame facial, uses fire to rejuvenate your skin.

Huǒ Liáo is done by soaking a towel in alcohol and a secret ingredient and placing it on your problem skin. While it has been dubbed a facial it can be placed anywhere you want to improve the appearance of your skin. The towel is set on fire for second before being extinguished using another towel. Your skin will be warm, but not burned.

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On the face flame facials are said to stimulate cell regeneration, make the skin look younger, and brighten skin. But it has been said to help everything from colds to obesity according to some reports.

While it may be gaining popularity, no one is really recommending the treatments because of the danger involved. If you are thinking about looking into the flame facial, make sure to be very careful!

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