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New Restaurant Helps You Burn Off Calories

A new concept restaurant, Steam, is helping you have a guilt-free dinner by getting you to work off the calories in the restaurant. The new workout restaurant is popping up in London for one night only on March 13 to give the idea of working out during dinner a try.

The food itself will be healthy, steamed food prepared by head chef, Frederick Forster. The idea was developed by kitchen appliance makers, Miele who will be using their new steaming tools to create the food. Menu items include beef fillet with beansprout salad, prawn stuffed lemon sole and banana cake with confit pineapple.

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Before, after and even during eating all of these delectable treats, diners will be invited to take part of in classes to help burn calories and aid digestion. There will be a warm up area where you can prepare your body for the meal, vibrating pads on the chair that apparently aid in digestion and an after meal workout area to burn off your calories.

If the idea is a hit Miele plans to test out the “calorie-neutral” restaurants everywhere. Keep an eye out for one near you.

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