Valentine’s Day Nails How To

Even if you don’t currently have a sweetheart, there is always a reason to embrace and to celebrate the season of love. If you’re still trying to get into the spirit, why not try a gorgeous seasonal manicure? Here are some tips for Valentine’s Day-inspired nail ideas which you’ll surely be in love with:

Valentine’s Heart Manicure

The video tutorial gives a step-by-step guide to achieving perfect nail décor hearts in a vibrant red and pink colour scheme. You will need nail polish in three different shades (pink, white, and red), a pair of scissors, clear tape, and a small cosmetic sponge. Also don’t forget to have a high quality top coat ready to ensure your designs stay in place and nail polish is not smudged.

[youtube cjFHlsWZY4c]

Three-Toned Hearts

The Beauty Department’s guest blogger Jenna Day uses binder reinforcement stickers to create a graduated heart effect. For this look, you will need three shades of nail colour (a hot pink, medium pink, and pale/ballet pink to add a more delicate touch). Gently layer two stickers halfway over each other to create a heart-shaped effect. You will then apply nail polish for the first layer, and remove the stickers once the polish has dried- and repeat this process for the next two as well. Before you know it, you’ll have triple-toned pink hearts just in time for the holiday (be sure to use a quick-drying polish for the best results).

Bow Manicure

These nails are fancy, sophisticated, and perfected accented with a strip of black in between the two colours for a bold and colourful effect. You will need three colours of polish (black, red, and bright pink). Start by painting each nail red. Once the first layer of nail polish has dried, paint half of each nail pink. End of by painting a thin layer of black, with tiny bows (feel free to use a dotting tool if you need to, like Sephora Collection Nail Art Set duo).

Keeping it simple: Not interested in décor, sparkles, or hearts? Keep it simple instead with a solid colour. Try a vibrant pink such as butterLONDON’s Primrose Hill Picnic, or OPI’s Cha-Ching Cherry for a classic red manicure. For the more understated gal, OPI’s pale, almost translucent pink shade Privacy Please is a great fit for a low-key Valentine’s Day.

[youtube cjFHlsWZY4c]

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