The Fat Transfer Facelift – Next Big Trend In Cosmetic Procedures?

It’s not an uncommon sight to see certain stars of Hollywood struggling to smile or show expression because of over-filled, over-enhanced faces. But what if there was a more natural, much more organic alternative? Something that is already a part of us?

Luckily for women considering a way to regain their youthful glory without resorting to cosmetic fillers, the organic facelift makes use of the fat stored in areas such as the thighs and stomach. This “fat transfer” is effective for treating a loss of volume, giving the face a fuller appearance. The minimally invasive procedure has especially gained popularity in the United Kingdom, with plastic surgeons in London specializing in the procedure. Only time will tell if the procedure will rejuvenate Hollywood and the rest of North America, with fat-based fillers slowly making headlines. Here are some facts on the organic facelift, in terms of both a medical process and a beauty treatment to fight mature skin.

Fat transfer is considered safe, due to the fact that it uses the body’s own tissues and involves a lower risk of rejection. Using local anesthetic, the outpatient treatment aims to take up to 10 years off the face, and aims for scar-free results within a couple weeks. Initially, patients experience some bruising, before the area which was used to obtain the fat has a chance to heal. Within a couple of weeks, the site is expected to recover, and the facelift itself is expected to take on effect as well.

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Synthetic fillers such as Botox and Juvederm, which have typically been widely used in plastic surgery and are well-known, have a higher rejection rate along with a higher chance of an allergic reaction.

However, the organic facelift isn’t for everyone, and a consultation with a plastic surgeon can determine if this is the correct route to go. Although the results last, the facelift does not combat wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, for example. These are more effectively treated with typical, old-school fillers.

Patients are advised to rest for a few days at home following the organic facelift, but can usually return to work and other commitments within the next week.

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Photo Courtesy of: Dr. Carlos Cordoba