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Low Calorie Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Thanksgiving gets all the credit for being the holiday where we’re likely to over-indulge, but if there’s any day that we’re likely to trip up on our diet, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. This year, we’re heading into the game with a proper plan of attack. Here’s our Super Bowl Sunday healthy snack strategy. Here’s everything we’re making (and skipping) for the Super Bowl.

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Supstitute Shrimp For Chicken Wings
Sure, chicken wings are a classic Super Bowl snack but they’re loaded with fat and calories. A much more healthy but still protein-heavy option is a shrimp ring. Not only are shrimp low in fat, so is the cocktail sauce you serve it with. Blue cheese dip for wings, however, is packed full of fat and unwanted calories. Three pieces of PC Black Tiger Shrimp Platter with Mild Cocktail Sauce is only 30 calories. Touchdown!

Munch on Veggies Instead of Nachos
We know, we know. It’s hard to resist a plate of nachos, but with all that cheese, sour cream and guac, your likely to eat upwards of 1,000 calories without even feeling like you had a proper meal. Make a plate of fresh cut veggies like red peppers, carrots, celery and cauliflower instead and serve it with a delicious hummus or low-fat ranch dressing instead.

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Make A Cold Cut Platter
Salami and pepperoni might be high in fat and calories, but did you know that turkey, ham and chicken slices are generally on the super-lean side? Read the back of the package before buying, but generally 2-3 slices of turkey will only set you back about 60 calories. If you’re on a low carb diet, you can always use cucumber slices as a cracker substitute, but give your guests the option of at least a whole wheat cracker.

Chow Down On Chili
Chili might seem heavy, but if you find a good recipe, like this Low Fat Game Day Chili, you can have a full serving at under 250 calories, and it will be packed full of healthy protein and veggies. Just say no to a bun on the side, which will have practically the same amount of calories as the chili before you even add butter. Wouldn’t you just rather have another bowl of chili anyway?

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