Experts Reveal How To Protect Your Hair From Cold

If you have been hit by a blast of Jack Frost, you are probably concerned as to how to protect your hair from the winter’s icy touch. We turned to our Real Style Magazine hair style experts for their top tips on how to protect your hair from the cold.

Celebrity stylist Johnny Stuntz has a big first step to protect your hair that is surprisingly easy. He warns you’re to never “go outside with wet hair.”

Peter Salituro of Mosaic Hair Group recommends that you should only shampoo and condition your hair once or twice a week during the cold months. He says that “Over shampooing will dry out the both the hair and scalp.” You can try a dry shampoo between washes if you need a little boost. This will also help to eliminate any static from the dry heat.

Toronto stylist Marc Anthony explains that “Cold air holds less moisture which can lead to drier hair that breaks quickly, so moisturizing from the inside out is important. Hair strands also rub against each other causing static and less moisture equals more static.”

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All of our experts agreed that leave-in or weekly moisturizing treatments are crucial to keeping moisture in your hair during the winter. Try Marc Anthony’s Salon Expert Extreme Rescue Mud, Salon Expert Frizz Smoother, or Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment to stop winter dryness before it begins.

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