Which Eye Shadow Will Enhance Your Eye Colour?

It is always a strange journey trying to find the eye shadow colour that will actually enhance your natural eye colour. Maybe of us have heard rumours of what works, but what is true? We have found the definite shades that will enhance your eye colour.

Blue eyes:

If you didn’t already wish you had big baby blue eyes, you will now. Gold and smoky grey eye shadows are the definite go to shade to enhance your blue eyes. Earthy neutral shades will also look very nice against your light blue eyes. For something softer try pale pinks or very light purple shades.

Brown Eyes:

Girls with brown eyes can use a light taupe to enhance their natural eye colour. Also using hints of purple, pink or blue can help your eyes pop. Try different hues and ways of wearing it (mascara, liner, shadow) to bring out different fleck of colour in your eyes.

Green Eyes:

Girls with green eyes can play with some different hues. Coppers and bronzes should be your go to neutral instead of basic brown. For more colour, purple eye shadow will bring out your green eyes. Try all different shades to get different look. Skip harsh blacks or silvers, instead use brown, grey and gold.

Hazel Eyes:

For rich hazel eyes, choose dusty pinks for a romantic finish. Use pale pink shadows and dusts for bring out your eyes.

Grey Eyes:

Mysterious grey eyes will come to life with a pop of blue shadow or liner. Just change the shade of blue depending on your mood!

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Photos Courtesy of: Universal Pictures (Angelina Jolie in The Wanted); Revlon, Cover Girl

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