Tips For Styling Your New Bangs

Now that everyone from Michelle Obama to Kate Middleton to Taylor Swift are wearing bangs, we are sure the look is going to be in high demand at the salon. We wanted to bring you some tips on how to care for your new bangs:

If you have blunt bangs make sure that the rest of your hair is off of your face. You don’t want your face to look trapped or covered by the thick fringe.

Keep your bangs very shiny and free from flyaways with a shine serum. Just add a dab before you leave the house.

If you have sideswept bangs, like Kate Middleton, try not to overwork them. Let them air dry and style with your fingers. They are supposed to look easy.

Sideswept bangs look great with partial updos. Try one for a different look.

Use a mousse on your bangs if your hair is thick and a gel if your hair is fine.

Try blow drying your bangs in the opposite direction to get volume.

If you want your bangs to be more integrated into your look instead of a statement, ask your stylist to add layers into your hair. This can make your bangs seem more natural instead of blunt.

Think about where your bangs start and how big your forehead is, this will determine the statement you make.

If you wake up and your bangs are unmanageable, try spraying them with water and giving them a quick blow dry to smooth them out.

After you wash and blow dry your hair, spray the roots of your bangs with dry shampoo. This will keep them more manageable and stop them from getting oily.

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